HeardStrong 915 MHz Cow Bolus Telemetry System

HeardStrong LLC required an antenna for deployment within a cow bolus to transmit telemetry such as internal temperature, which can be used to predict any change in the health of cows so that it can be dealt with immediately.

The bolus antenna was designed to possess the correct operating frequency (915 MHz) when placed inside of the animal. Below is the HFSS proof of concept design with an SMA connector.

HFSS model of the proof of concept antenna used in the HeardStrong cow bolus telemetry system.

Next is the prototype fabricated from HFSS output:

Prototype fabricated from HFSS output and used to demonstrate the feasibility of the HeardStrong cow bolus telemetry system.

The radiation pattern produced by the cow bolus antenna predicted with HFSS is shown below:

Cow bolus antenna produces omnidirectional pattern, maximizing the telemetry coverage

The final product:

HerdStrong Cow Bolus Telemetry Module